It is very difficult to produce an ad that is heart-warming, reaches the right audience, is taken in the right spirit and is loved by all over the world. But, this is exactly what Ambuja cement achieved with its ad featuring the Great Khali, with over 1.2 million views on Youtube within just 6 days of its release. Before we go further, just watch the ad to get an idea as to why this campaign was so successful.

The ad tugged at everyone’s heartstrings because of the way in which people could relate to the problem which Khali was facing. Everyone feels different or like an outsider at some point in their lives and by showing unflinching acceptance, the ad strikes a chord with everyone. Not to mention, the incredible sweet and goofy way in which the ad portrays the wrestler’s every day struggles.

Bobby Pawar, MD and CCO of Publicis, said, “Ambuja Cement has been about this giant strength and it has been communicated in previous campaigns. The brief was to do an extension of the giant strength spot. The boys and girls were thinking about this, and this was the coolest idea that popped up. We put one giant’s strength against the other. The biggest Indian is The Great Khali. That’s where the idea came from. It’s a mockumentary on his life. It’s a hilarious take on what his life would have been like, in a home that’s not built to handle his strength. That’s why the tone of the film is how it is.”

The main aspect to notice in this ad is that instead of ridiculing Khali for being different than everyone, people accept his behaviour as a way of life and involve him in all routine activities like he was no different from anyone else. About the choice of brand ambassador, Bobby Pawar says, “Ambuja Cement stands for giant compressive strength. Bingo! Jigar Fernandes suggested that we use a giant. We built on that and came up with the idea of doing a mockumentary (mock documentary) on a man of giant proportions, and how he struggles to live and fit in a world and home that are not built to handle his giant strength. Khali is a giant who has his own giant following.”

And we all fell in love with the giant a little more after seeing this ad!

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