Pink Caravan Website

Raising awareness for a serious issue in an appealing way!

Usually people would not like reading pages of information about a health issue on a website.

For the Pink Caravan website, we decided to ensure that the right information is passed in a way that interests the person reading it and motivates them to volunteer.

The right design and aesthetic can work magic!


Our creative team evisaged the Pink Caravan vision and came up with an improved design to support their vision of breast cancer support in the UAE. The website has been hooked up with its social media platforms.


Pink Caravan Sharjah came to us while looking for a web development company to create a website as per their brand guidelines. They needed something that can give out a positive message of help, support and kindness to the community by giving the right look and feel for breast cancer support in the UAE. We are honored to be part of this noble initiative.


Today, the Pink Caravan can boast of being home to important breast cancer information and support. Thousands of volunteers and horse riders join Pink Caravan through its website every year to support the cause all across the UAE. The website also offers the option to accept donations via Paypal.

Pink Caravan Website
Pink Caravan Website

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