Pink Caravan Mobile App

Contributing to a noble cause: Now at your fingertips!

By creating a mobile app for such an important cause, we have facilitated an easy way for Pink Caravan to reach out to their customers effectively and also made spreading the word a lot easier.


Our team created an app with the information necessary for every end user that included self-examination tips for women and men.


When we met Pink Caravan, a breast cancer awareness initiative and part of FOCP (Friends of Cancer Patients), they did not have a website or a mobile app. The one thing they do believe in, besides building a solid organization, is being digital, and that’s when we knew they’d come to the right place!


The mobile app is being used by people from all over the country. Creating this mobile app has helped our client to not only get the word out, but also possibly save lives. The app is now available to download on the App Store for iPhone, and Play Store for Android users. We are proud to be part of this phenomenal initiative.

Pink Caravan Mobile App
Pink Caravan Mobile App

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