Caftan Fashion UAE

A burst of fashion right at the palm of your hands!

An innovative idea led to us creating an app that is trendy, modern and most of all fashion-friendly. Awesome on phones, awesome(r) on tabs!


Keeping Caftan’s vision in mind, we created a user-friendly app in which designers have an easy-to-use control panel where they can monitor their stock as well as manage their products.


Founded by a couple of Emirati friends, Caftan came to us with the idea of creating a mobile app. The UAE is a mobile-loving nation; and we decided to bridge the barriers between local designer and their buyers through this fashionable app.


Today, Caftan proudly stands as one of the best fashion apps in the Gulf and is frequented by fashion enthusiasts from all over the UAE and beyond.

Caftan Fashion UAE
Caftan Fashion UAE

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