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Thrifty Car Rentals


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Thrifty, one of the best car rental services in the world, approached us with a basic website and an outdated layout. The idea was to redesign the entire concept and renew it altogether.


We took their vision to the next level and redesigned their website by changing the entire layout. And the rest, as they say, is history!


Redesigning their website has allowed Thrifty to attract potential customers looking for some of the best car rental and leasing options in the UAE.
We've also had the privilege of creating the Thrifty mobile app, so that customers can make bookings on the go.

Bright and exciting is how we saw Thrifty!

By appealing to the visual nature of people, we converted the Thrifty website into something that makes the mundane activity of renting a car better. We made it fun to do.