We live in the era of connectivity. And the most important device that connects us to people all across the world is the phone! Now, many of us have spoken to our friends without a care about how we come across to them. In a professional setting, however, it is very important to be conscious of the image we are portraying to the person we call. Seeing that it is not a face-to-face meeting where we can charm them, there are still ways to create a lasting impression in one’s mind by the way we talk to them over the phone. So, what are these magic tips?

  1. Always introduce yourself with full details. Greet the other person, say your name, state the organization you are working for, and clearly ask for the person you want to talk to. If you are calling someone directly, don’t forget to ask them if it is the right time to talk to them.
  2. It’s easier to jot down your thoughts as points before placing a call. That way, you can make sure that you have communicated all that you want to say effectively and leave no room for missing out on something.
  3. If someone interrupts you, make sure you excuse yourself from the person on the phone and take care of the interruption. Having a conversation with someone in person while you are on the phone is both rude and confusing.
  4. This is a little-known rule. It is usually polite to answer after two rings. If you answer on the first ring, you tend to put that person off-guard. Also, while making a call, hang up after three rings. It is considered impolite to let the phone ring till it gets disconnected automatically.
  5. While leaving a message on an answering machine, introduce yourself properly and leave the right contact details to make it easier for them to call back. If you choose to relay your message to the answering machine, talk slowly and clearly and leave your details for them to return your call.
  6. Remember to keep your phone in silent mode while on an important meeting or at any place where people do not want to be disturbed. The interruption from your phone derails the person’s train of thought and you will be in their bad books for a long time!
  7. Check your tone of voice. Since the person cannot see you, there is a lot of room for misunderstandings. Don’t shout or laugh unnecessarily. Be cool, calm, and say what you want to say in a polite way.
  8. Listen to what the other person is saying. Wait for the other person to finish talking before you explain your point to them. Interrupting, especially over the phone, is considered to be very rude.

To sum it up in a simple way: Be polite, identify yourself properly by giving the relevant details, listen, and speak clearly. A phone call is very important, especially in times where you are trying to make a good impression. You may be the world’s best charmer in person but more often than not, you get a chance to create a first impression over the phone than in person. Make sure it is a good one.

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