Emojis have become an inescapable part of our lives. Whether it is the thumbs-up emoji or the poop emoji, we cannot seem to text without them. In fact, a person who doesn’t use much emoji can come across as a snobbish person even though they might not be in real life.

Adding to the craze of emojis is Disney! While we all love Disney movies, how awesome would it be to use our favourite characters to express ourselves? Do you want to be Mickey Mouse blowing a kiss to Minnie or a Donald Duck showing his anger? 

Disney Games recently launched a trailer that debuts nearly 400 emojis that follow the Disney or Pixar theme. These emojis include characters from The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, and also Mike Wazowski from Monsters!

But getting the emojis is not easy. You need to earn these emojis by playing a game called “Disney Emoji Blitz.” You will need to match the Disney characters in order to unlock the emoji. 

Disney Emojis will soon be released for both Android and iOS. Keep watching this space for further information! 

Check out the trailer for Disney Emoji Blitz.

Featured Image Source: Mashable.

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