As a small/medium-sized business, we often come across irregular branding or irregular use of designs and fonts. It is very important to focus on your company’s branding, as that is the first impression your company makes. Your company will initially be judged on how compelling your branding truly is.

There are many logos and symbols that you see every day that immediately tell you which company it is, even from far away. But can you do the same thing with your own branding? Is there a “connecting element” in your branding that can engage people and make them recall your company? Recall value is very important, as your brand also reflects your company culture.

At 1CallGroup, we are passionate about our role as a respected design and brand agency in Dubai. We love designing a wide variety of brands, logos, and corporate icons and look forward to creating a brand identity for you too! That way, you can proudly say that your company has an unforgettable element within its design that will stick in everyone’s memory for a long time.

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