What is the biggest challenge website owners are facing today? The answer is quite simple. At times, website owners are clueless in terms of how to update content on their website, or even how to change a simple picture. They naturally call the web designer, but he will charge an arm and a leg for his services. Sometimes, those web design companies don’t even answer or are not able to or unwilling to help.

The solution for this common situation is also very simple. It is not as scary as it sounds. When you build a website, make sure that it comes with a CMS. Tell your vendor that you need a CMS and that without CMS, you will not accept the website.

Now, what exactly is a CMS?
A Content Management System is a software that is attached to your website so that you can log in with a user name and password in order to change content (images and text) on your website. For example, imagine that your website has 5 pages: Home, About Us, Services, Customer, and Contact Us. CMS will allow you to edit each page as if you are writing in a word document. You can also upload images to those pages and constantly keep your website up-to-date.

If you are not confident when it comes to using the CMS, you can always ask for training from your vendor or service provider. We at 1CallGroup love to create awesome CMS solutions and would like to offer you the same opportunity so that you can enjoy updating your website whenever you launch a new product or service, finish a new project, and acquire a new testimonial from one of your clients, of course! It is always a good idea to update your website with encouraging or complimentary words from your clients.

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