It is amazing how much technology is changing. Consumers love using Cloud based solutions like Dropbox, iCloud, SkyDrive, Google Drive and so on. Cloud Solutions for SMEs and Large Enterprises is the future of tech.

Keeping your data in a space on the Internet that can always be accessed by using software, app, or the Web is called Cloud storage. This technology is growing rapidly. At 1CallGroup, we are gaining momentum in creating Cloud-based applications. We have already created many so far and they are all working like a charm. Our dream is to change the IT industry in Dubai and bring every software solution that runs on WAN and LAN, uses expensive hardware, and incurs huge maintenance cost down to ZERO by shifting companies to the Cloud.

Car Rental Software in Dubai is becoming very popular. Companies like Budget Rent-a-Car, Al Wegdaniyah Transport Solutions, and Super Price Rent-a-Car are already using our Cloud Solutions, and we are looking forward to expanding this list and taking it to the next level. Hotel booking systems fall into this category as well, because the massive international databases and increasing amounts of information that must be stored are far simpler to manage through a Cloud solution!

The beauty of Cloud-based solutions is that they can be perfect for SMEs as well as Large Enterprises; the only difference will be the Cloud server. Cloud solution development is something that will continue to grow in the coming years. You could be our next customer to take advantage of Cloud Solutions! If you are looking forward to taking your local ERP to the Web, then you are one phone call away from fulfilling your dream.

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