1. Reliability is key

The more reliable you are, the better a team player you can be. See, a team has people with their own sets of responsibilities and unless everyone finishes their part correctly, it is difficult for the team to proceed further with their work. A team should be a well-oiled machine, working towards achieving the goal that you set out to do. Even if there is a small crack somewhere, the whole team suffers. So be responsible for your actions and be reliable in that you finish your work as per schedule (even before) and look for ways to help others out and you are half of a great team player already. 

2. Communication

I cannot stress on this point enough. Be open and communicate your ideas effectively. Your ideas may be of some help to the team and sometimes people may not agree with you. But you ensure that your views are also heard, in a positive and respectful way. You may not know it but your team leader will definitely make note of it and use it in a way that is beneficial to the team as a whole. Also, when it comes to communication, communicate any problem that you may have with the team or with its working. Or, you may have something important coming up during the course of the team project. Unless you communicate it effectively, you become non-reliable and people stop trusting you.

3. Flexibility

As a team player, you must be ready to adapt to any kind of situation that may arise. For example, you may be assigned some work but your team leader might change it and use you somewhere else where the priority is higher. Instead of throwing a fit about it, be flexible enough to adapt to the change and contribute your best efforts towards it. By being a flexible ream player, you help your superiors out of a tight fix and they will be grateful for it. 

4. Be committed

A good team player understands the importance of the project and stays committed to it and sees it till the end. He doesn’t jump ship when he sees some other opportunity in the horizon; he looks for ways to improve the ship he is on. He participates more and offers to help others out of a tight spot. Don’t be in it just for the sake of it. Show your enthusiasm for the project and spread it across. Encourage everyone and be motivated to stick to it till the end. These factors will make others look up to you and it effectively makes you a good team player. 

5. Treat others how you would want to be treated yourself

Remember that you are part of a team and it is definitely not necessary for anyone to listen and follow your rules and work according to you. Instead of being bossy, listen to the other person’s perspective and work with them to bring out the best possible solution. You wouldn’t want someone coming and pushing instructions down your throat and you definitely wouldn’t want to follow someone like that. So, why would you want to exhibit the same characteristics to others? Remember, treat others with respect and dignity and you will get treated the same way.  

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