It is common knowledge that when a boy is told that he is like a girl, he takes it as a personal insult. With such bad connotations surrounding the phrase ‘Like a girl,’ Leo Burnett, Canada, took an opportunity to change the negative connotation to a positive one. When Always, came to them with a motive to spread the importance of empowering girls through puberty education, Leo Burnett lapped it up and came up with a campaign that influenced thousands and changed the way people should think while using the phrase ‘Like a girl.’

Watch the ad below to get an idea of what I’m talking about:

This video clearly highlights the difference between adults and children and how children are more confident about being themselves, while adults are molded into stereotypes and believe that they have to follow it to be accepted. Always believes that girls are most vulnerable when they hit puberty and to put them down at such a time affects their self-confidence and they grow up with a prejudice they never had in the first place. As adults in the ad realized this, they became more encouraging to little girls, asking them to do what they want to do and excel in it rather than assuming that they were insulted because they ‘hit like a girl or throw like a girl.’ They ask little girls to be proud of being a girl rather than feel ashamed. At the end, we see that every woman wanted to change their actions and be themselves rather than conform to stereotypes.

The campaign was a huge success because it touched a point that people hadn’t thought of before and it drove across its point really effectively. According to case studies, before watching the film, only 19% of girls in the age group 16-24 felt positive about themselves. It rose to a whopping 76% after girls saw the movie and even 2 out of 3 men changed their perspective about using the phrase like an insult.

It took such a powerful campaign to change the mindset of people. I believe if we have more powerful campaigns like this that highlight important issues, with the social media revolution that we are in, reaching out to people is a lot easier than before.

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