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Are you cool enough?

Advertisers try to convince you that if you don’t use their products, then you aren’t good enough. Maybe you won’t be accepted nor have the right friends. Maybe you won’t fit in. Sometimes they will show someone uncool trying a product and then suddenly they become hip looking and do cool things. There’s an emphasis on status and “keeping up with the Joneses.”


Commercials often create an emotional mood that draws you into the advertisement and makes you feel good. The McDonald’s commercials featuring father and daughter eating out together, or the AT&T Reach Out and Touch Someone ads are good examples. We are more attracted by products that make us feel good.

 Family Fun

“This is something the whole family can do together!” or “This is something Mom will be glad to buy for you.” Many commercials show parents enjoying their children’s fun as if the product will bring more family togetherness.

Facts and Figures

Advertisers use facts and statistics to enhance a product’s credibility.


*Images courtesy: Google Images; Photo by Simon Launay on Unsplash

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