True Story

A couple of computer desks, an old fax machine and an internet connection that had a mind of its own - it all started in a small garage!

Since its launch in March 2007, 1CallGroup has now become a leading IT service provider, offering top-grade web solutions to clients in various industries. We have witnessed an exceptional growth in the past four years and we have served companies in the UAE as well as across the globe, with Europe and the UAE forming most of our client base.

At 1CallGroup, our primary responsibility is customer satisfaction. We are dutifully committed to offering sound, robust and high-quality services in the field of web development in UAE. 1CallGroup has teamed up with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Apple, Nokia and Google Android platforms, adopting the best practices and using highly advanced tools and technologies that make our web solutions first-rated and standardized. With these strategic alliances, 1CallGroup stands at par with world-class IT companies, creating solutions with a global perspective.

Based in Dubai, 1CallGroup has scaled the mountains of IT in a few years by developing and implementing customized enterprise web solutions. The growing expertise of the company is not only confined to the IT sector but also to all other major sectors including Healthcare, Education, Banking, Public, and Insurance.
Our company’s approach redefines corporate, strategic and operational perspectives through the effective use of technology. Our top-notch services engineer our clients’ successes as they opt for us because our services are different than most.

Committed to developing high caliber, world-class solutions for its clients, we directly utilize the latest concepts and technologies to approach challenges. Our company aims to intimate its numerous clients about the trendy and best procedures and practices that should be employed in every step of IT development and implementation. With an unyielding aspiration to be a first-class global IT giant, 1CallGroup is committed to adopting stringent quality assurance practices.

Staying at the forefront of innovation, 1CallGroup continues to be the largest creator of absolutely original innovative web solutions varying from touch screen car rental kiosks to HTML5-based mobile applications.

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