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We help companies achieve great results through technology. Startups, SMEs and Large Enterprises. We are open for business.

A couple of computer desks, an old fax machine and an internet connection that had a mind of its own - it all started in a small garage!

Ammar AkhtarFound & CEO. 1CallGroup

Web Design

with heart and soul

Web Development

technical stuff

Booking Engines

for car rentals

Enterprise Solutions

Dashboards & more

Internet is a place with millions of ideas. We can help you get yours "standout".

It is amazing that 70 new domain names are created every minute on internet and 571 new websites are launched. How to compete in an industry that is growing by minute?

In our opinion it is important to be real and stick to your values on internet. Because it is easy to fake it. We are a simple agency that is born with the vision to help. Support is engraved in our DNA.

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We truly believe in Open Innovation & Design Thinking.

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Clear Approach

It is important to understand the vision of the project before even starting it.

Constant Learning

We have internal education programs to make sure our team is always applying latest best practices.

Detailing is an Art

Our design and the details flow from the frontend to the backend. It should look great inside out.

Global Presence

With our presence in the Middle East as well as EU. We know what the world is up to. All the time.

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